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Nostalgic Edition: Photo Calendar

Transmasculinities 2011

Pictures From Beyond The Malestream


Right on time, October 2010 will see the release of the 2011 portrait calendar TRANSMASCULINITIES: Pictures from Beyond the Malestream.

The calendar has 16 pages with 24 colour portraits, photographed by Finn Ballard. 2 pages are given to the models to introduce themselves, with black-and-white pictures and short texts. For a special extra, there's also a colour poster with seven more portraits, which can hang all year round in the kitchen or over the bed!

Please send an email to inquire about remaining copies.
Format: 29,7 x 29,7 cm
16 pages plus poster
October 2010

Beispielkalenderblatt mit zwei Fotos
Calendar Page Example

The portraited persons are just some of the brilliant stars in the infinite Milky Way of TRANSMASCULINITIES. This calendar celebrates the glittering universe of various sexual identities and expressions beyond the male mainstream.

Finn Ballard's idea to make TRANSMASCULINITIES visible through portraiture was the genesis of this project. The organization it was supported by LCavaliero Mann, Ben Böttger and Ina Schneider (NoNo Publishing House) and Micky. The concept and the final form of the calendar developed from a creative group process, in which models and photographer were equally involved, and which would not have been possible without the devotion and passion of all involved ones.


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