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Cover Trans*_Homo
Cover Trans*_Homo

Justin Time, Jannik Franzen [Eds.]:



Differenzen, Allianzen, Widersprüche.

Differences, Alliances, Contradictions.


148 x 210 mm

288 pages

26 illustrations

1st edition August 2012

ISBN: 978-3-96042-027-9

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The companion book to the exhibition Trans*_Homo: Of lesbian trans* gays and other normalities (August – November 2012 at the Schwules Museum Berlin) designs an interplay of art, activism and scientific knowledge.

Trans*_Homo discusses commonalities and differences, in- and exclusions among trans*, gays, and lesbians, and examines lived realities in the areas of language, law and medicine.

Artistic works and supplementary texts speak from trans* perspectives. These works throw the scrutiny back onto science and society, as well as onto gay-lesbian spaces and onto the question of whether, and how, trans* wants to position itself in these spaces.

With contributions by: Adrian de Silva, Anja Weber, Anna Heger, Anthony Clair Wagner, Dean Spade, Del LaGrace Volcano, eddie gesso, Hans Scheirl, Ins A Kromminga, J. Jackie Baier, Jakob Lena Knebl, Jannik Franzen, Jason Elvis Barker, Jens Borcherding, Justin Time, Nathan Gale, Manuel Ricardo Garcia, Minette Dreier, Persson P. Baumgartinger, Rainer Herrn, Risk Hazekamp, Sabine Ercklentz, Sandra Alland, Sara Davidmann, Simon Croft, Susan Stryker, Tom Weller, Toni Schmale, Trystan Cotten, Ulrike Klöppel and others.

Graphics: image-shift

Print: Oktoberdruck

NoNo Verlag Berlin


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